Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Miscellaneous III

Time for a new post!

A collection of illustrations, mostly experimental or free-time work done over the last few months. But also two recently finished paintings - painted in my new refurbished study - I did it up all Victorian-eque, with an old leather top desk, red curtains and ink bottles everywhere! Just in time for winter to sit and ponder, looking out the window at the snow-covered fields, twiddling my imaginary moustache (It snowed last night so I totally sat at my desk doing exactly that this morning - except for the twiddling of the imaginary moustache. I didn't do that...)

Anyway. On to the art.
Experimental piece - partially watercolours and partially Photoshop.
Based on my previous Venice-based single-page comic of masked river spirits beneath the Venetian canals.
It's night time, so they're coming out to play. I wouldn't join them if I were you.

Next up, a vaguely Bonfire Night-based image I made while fooling around in Photoshop. I wanted to draw a gargoyle, or more correctly, a Grotesque, since gargoyles have water spouts.

And now; A fawn!! Because FAWNS!!! Fawns are pretty.

Here are two commissioned paintings I've just finished. They are the first two paintings to be painted in my new refurbished study, so I feel the moment should be documented photographically.
(Yesterday I put on the first layer of acrylic varnish, and there was a horrifying few minutes where I thought I'd got washing up liquid on the brush because the varnish went cloudy and bubbly. So panic ensued where I thought I'd ruined about 6 weeks of work, but it appears the varnish was just trolling me as it dried perfectly fine on both paintings. Varnish does that, apparently...)

Aaand finally.
Two characters I came up with a while ago and have just rediscovered and decided to expand.
Jack and Maggie, two strange little thieves who like to hang around with magpies and jackdaws.

They may well pop up from time to time in the future.

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