Thursday, 1 November 2012

Happy Halloween!

A quick Halloween-ish post today.
Mainly because the two images I want to show are of the 'spooky' genre, and so I may as well tie them in with this particular holiday.

I was doodling a picture of Black Shuck, East Anglia's resident Hellhound who prowls the fens and fields, bringing death to all who gaze upon him, when the most famous story of his demonic behaviour was featured on the tv show I happened to be watching (The One Show). Spooky coincidence!

Anyway, here is the resulting drawing. "Raarrr!!"

The second image is one I made a few weeks ago. An acrylic painting.
Meet Dog, Boy, Fox, Cat and Rat.
They're a family, don'tcha know.

(Dog is very Black Shuck-looking. I suppose there was a little influence from the legend, since I do rather enjoy it. Ghostly dogs are pretty rad!)

So, yes! I hope everyone's Halloween was a good'un, and you all survived the night unmolested by unsavoury demons, ghosts, zombies, monsters, and general murderous and scary individuals.

Happy Halloween!