Saturday, 6 October 2012

Anyone who follows my work will probably be aware that I am rather obsessed with the Victorian era. I bloody love it! Aesthetically, in terms of interior and architectural design, it is just beautiful - all that brass and mahogany!!!

I draw Victorian-esque things quite a lot, and have cobbled together enough of them to post in their own little themed blog post.

First up, an image that occurred quite spontaneously while messing around in Photoshop. (I'm still getting used to this 'digital painting' malarky!)
Rather 'Wuthering Heights', no?

Next up, an animation. I haven't touched animation since two rather gruelling animation commissions over a year ago - both for stage productions to be projected on the background screen. But, one day I decided to open up Photoshop's little animation tool and take it up again. And two hours later, this was the result.

Finally, something I've finished very, very recently, but I started... 6 months ago. I had an idea for a single comic spread, and around April time I began it, but I had very little idea of how I wanted the thing to look, and so two panels in I realised I hated it. I abandoned the project for other things, but it stayed in my mind, and a week or so ago I decided to try it again after experimenting with indian ink. Again, I only had a vague idea of how I wanted the final thing to look, but I had a better idea than before, and with the magic of indian ink coupled with Photoshop, I settled on a style I thought suitable.

The comic is based on a character I devised last year, called The Lamplighter.

"He walks through London's streets every night lighting the lamps. As the new day arrives his black, sweeping coat snuffs them out again. you know he's recently been through your street in the morning if there is a thick mist hanging low over the cobbled ground.
No one knows where he came from, or where he lives. He will politely decline to answer if you ask him. He's just there. Every night."

The paper I used the ink on was a nightmare to draw on, so most of the details are Photoshop-applied, but the paper worked well with the ink, so I stuck with it!
No, I'm not telling you what exactly is going on. :)

I'm in the process of redoing my study into a little Victorian artist's study - so hopefully, within the month, photos of that shall surface on here! In the meantime, I'm going to continue my Victorian binge by watching recorded episodes of the BBC's 'Paradise'!

Good day to you!

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