Thursday, 20 September 2012


Long time no post.

Animals are the focus of today's post.
I've been drawing them a lot lately, and have collected enough images I feel adequate to show.

Firstly, a little bunch of headshots for 3 characters of a silly little story of mine that is a subtle vent of my frustration in the fact that people can't identify very different animals. The animals in question in this story are Cheetahs, Jaguars, and Leopards. I see and hear people so often getting these species mixed up, and it really annoys me, as to me they look so very obviously different from one another.

In this story, Cheetah, Jaguar and Leopard are sworn enemies. People keep getting them mixed up, and they do not find it amusing...

And low and behold, the day after I make this image, what appears in the news but the story of a LION  roaming free in the fields of Essex. A massive police hunt was issued to search for this lion before it killed anyone, but no lions were found. Several days later, the photos taken by witnesses of this lion emerged, and it looked so UN-LION-LIKE I couldn't believe it. It was a house cat. A rather large house cat...



Following on with the 'cat' theme, another little illustration-based picture, though this one isn't related to any story. It is just a storybook-like illustration I came up with while doodling. A Clouded Leopard crosses a river.

Next a hare watercolour and tea painting I made after I stroked a wild hare in the stubble fields while walking my dog. It crouched right at my feet, so I knelt down and said hello to it (as is the proper action to take upon encountering a wild animal - strike up a conversation.)

Next up, a random little watercolour fennec fox encountering a scorpion. I'd be running a mile if I came across one of those things (the scorpion, not the fennec!)

Aaand finally...

A bunch of animals native to America.
These were a bit of an accident. I drew the bison out in ink, but didn't realise the ink wasn't waterproof, so when I began painting it, it merged with the watercolour, but I liked the shadowy colours it produced, so I carried on doing it!

And yes, that is all I have to show for now!

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