Thursday, 16 August 2012

Miscellaneous II

Long time no post, I'm afraid.
Several health-related things have been happening that's hindered my productivity of late, but I'm pretty much over that now and am back to the usual work, and so thought it was high time for an update.


I did. I'd been very worried it would go wrong in so many different ways, but I loved it right from the Opening Ceremony to the Closing (though that particular ceremony wasn't nearly as good as the first!)
I was lucky enough to get tickets to watch the White Water Slalom, and for the rest of the duration spent every single day watching the various sports on tv.
I hate sport, but the BBC managed to make it hella entertaining! I applaud their efforts, and of the organisers, the army and the volunteers.


Have been working on some stories and things recently. Continuing the search for a 'style' to produce some specific works in, which was touched upon in the last post. So, this post is a bit of a mish-mash of things.

First up, a tester illustration for short story of mine about the Lions of Venice and the books they guard.

"I can't read. I'm a lion. Not even an organic lion. I'm made of stone. To be perfectly honest, I shouldn't be talking to you at all. I don't quite know how I'm doing it. Saint Mark's Beard! This is a very perplexing situation!"

Next, an old, abandoned concept of an antagonist in another story, based on Erebus the Greek personification of Darkness. He started out as an 'Indistinct Shadowy Thing', but has since changed dramatically. 
I found this image half-finished of his early appearance and decided to finish it off because I still kind of liked it:

I bring the shadow that treads with you always
The night forever chasing the day from your skies
Light is a fleeting moment in time
The rest, I can assure you, is dark.

He's a moody bugger.

And finally, an image non-story related, but rather an interpretation of my favourite answer to Lewis Carroll's famous riddle:

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?'
"Because Poe wrote on both."

Get it?? Because Poe wrote on both? ON?

Ahem... yeah.