Friday, 1 June 2012

Valle dei Templi

I went on holiday last week to Sicily, a proper relaxation holiday at a villa right on the south coast. It was the first real holiday I have had in about 6 years, as ill health has limited travel, but it was lovely to finally have a holiday like I used to as a kid, with a pool, sea and sun!

While it was mostly just an excuse to enjoy some sun, I was able to visit the Valle dei Templi at Agrigento, a beautiful collection of Ancient Greek architectural ruins scattered over a valley area. As of course may be evidenced by past blog posts, I adore Ancient Greek mythology, and I also adore the temples, and being able to walk around and get so close to such spectacularly intact examples of them was wonderful!

Temple of Juno

Temple of Concordia

Remnants of the Temple of Hercules

Remnants of the Temple of Castor and Pollux

I also did a few studies of the ruins - nothing of great detail:

Also did some teeny acrylic colour studies. No larger than 2 inches wide, so only rough and crudely-done. The blue sky is marker pen.

Also drew an olive tree. Just 'cause.

So, yes! I'm so glad I got to see those beautiful, yet sadly crumbling, structures. It was wonderful to walk through what would have been ancient streets.

And, yes, it's rekindled that obsession with Greek myths, as I'd anticipated. I knew the reprieve would only last a couple of weeks...

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