Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I've been sorting through sketchbooks and loose papers the last couple of weeks, uncovering stuff I never finished, sketches of ideas, random drawings etc. There are lots I really like, but many of them are in sketchbooks that are really difficult to scan or photograph. Anyway, I've collected together some of the more successful scans of animal drawings (my favourite things to draw) I've done over the last year or so:

I like moths. I don't like how they hurtle around, apparently giving no thought to the giant face in their flight path, but I like their patterns. And some of them look just plain cuddly!
I drew some:

(They aren't to scale)

Next up is a pheasant I painted for someone fairly recently.

Some hare studies from earlier this year when they were EVERYWHERE:

General studies of British wildlife that I quite like. Red fox, weasel, roe deer, rabbit (technically not a British species):

My version of a mythological Simurgh; a cross between a dog, a lion and a peacock.

Awful photo of a painting of a wild boar and young. (No, I don't have fuzzy walls, it's on the carpet here!)

And finally, a watercolour cheetah study.
Aaand that's all for now! I am going away soon for a week. I hope to do some drawing on my short travels, and might hopefully return with some nice photographs, too!