Friday, 20 April 2012

Miscellaneous (Likely the first of many)


Last post I said I had a bunch of work to show off that had no particular relation to anything. Well... that was kind of a lie - an unintentional lie. Probably about 70% of the stuff I think is somewhat worthy of show is related in some way or another to Greek myths, like 70% of ALL the stuff I've already posted on this blog since Christmas. I have an obsession... but I hadn't realised the magnitude of it until today.

But, seriously. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. SSSEEERRRIIIOOO - yeah, you get it. This is the last of my Greek myth-y submissions for a while. I promise. And by 'a while', I probably mean.. like... a month, or something. Who knows.
But anyway, for now, the following images are the last completed miscellaneous Greek Myth-y images I've done that I feel are adequate enough to post. They're all very different styles, so please forgive the messy jumble that is this Blog Post.

So, here we go.
First up, Hera. The goddess, wife (and sister <.<) of Zeus.
Goddess of women and marriage, primarily. The animals associated with her are the peacock and the cow, and sometimes also the lion. (I am disappointed that I lacked the skills to put a cow in the image and still pull it off as being somewhat graceful and goddess-like. Oh well, maybe one day.) I went for a kind of Art Nouveau/Greek patterns mish-mash here.
"Talk to the hand, pussy."

Next up, a fairly rough play around with indian ink.
Unfortunately, my scanner really hated the type of watercolour paper I used for this, so don't look too closely at it. It looks much better in real life.
This is a rather dark, gloomy interpretation of the usually fairly happy or otherwise peaceful Hippocampus - or, Half horse/half fish. For someone who drew horses almost exclusively up until the age of 12, they sure are a bit of a challenge.

And, finally, one I finished just recently.
A pencil drawing, toned and coloured slightly in photoshop.
A depiction of someone (not necessarily Jason, as the real myth suggests) stealing the fabled Golden Fleece from the unsleeping Colchian Dragon who was meant to be guarding it. Dragon be mad.
Most Greek dragons are said to be serpentine, and the Colchian dragon was described as having 3 tongues, but apart from that, few other details are given of him. So, since he was guarding a ram's golden fleece, I gave him ram-like horns.

(((Click for full view)))

And, that's it, for now!
No more Greek stuff. At least for a few weeks.
I'll save the genuinely random images that I have ready to show for when I have collected a few more to create distinct categories for them.

Now, I've been given a rather fabulous encyclopaedia of World Mythology by a very good Swedish friend, and I'm off to read it some more! ;)

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