Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!

A New Year's Eve post is in order, I think! The last post of 2011! Holy sh- where does the time go?

I hope everyone has had a really fabulous Christmas and stuffed yourselves to the point of morbid obesity.

This is the first Christmas in a very long while where I didn't have dissertations or other such essays to write. This time last year I was sobbing in a dark corner over my dissertation on fairy tales that had to be in the day after New Year, which meant I had to travel the 5 hours back to university before Christmas had even officially ended, all the while trembling over the fact that I wouldn't let my dog read the damn thing for fear of her sneering at it, let alone a human EXAMINER.

This year, though, I've been home for the entire Christmas season, and have been able to enjoy it to the fullest (even if it was marred once again by a long-standing illness, it has been great nonetheless.)

I drank an inordinate amount of mulled cranberry juice.
I ate an inordinate amount of stuffing.
I watched 'A Muppet's Christmas Carol' approximately 90,000 times.

And since the Christmas period does not yet officially end for another 5 days, I plan on continuing with these activities right up until the very last minute.

However, I have suffered this Christmas from blurred vision (due to previously mentioned illness), and had been wholly unable to produce any artwork of any particular worth. For the entirety of the week leading up to Christmas and much of the week after, my crowning artistic achievement was a stupid doodle of two of my former housemates as 'Adventure Time' characters:


However, this artistic stupor has luckily abated this last day or so, and I've become super-productive. I decided to return to something I started about two months ago, but abandoned. It is a single scene done in a comic book-esque fashion. I just had a vision of a creepy little girl encountering an even creepier shadow-thing. It began as a kind of children's illustration, based very loosely on Greek Myth, but it's turned out probably a little 'darker' than most children (or at least, their parents) would like to see. Oh well, I do like how it turned out.

It's supposed to fit all on one page, but since most computer screens aren't big enough to show the whole thing at a decent size, I've broken it up into 3 pieces for this blog;

***I advise you to click the image below to view it properly.***

And here it is in full just so you can see how it supposed to look in full.

This one little scene that doesn't have any continuation of story to it has actually inspired an entire story of a similar vein, and so that is currently in development. Fear it.

And, continuing the Greek Myth theme this post has taken on, I give you a griffin on a pillar.

So, yes!
That is all for now, I think!
I hope everyone has had a jolly old 2011, and let's all hope 2012 is even better and full of fun and excitement (and that it doesn't end in some manner of nuclear/zombie/pirate apocalypse.)

Happy New Year!!! :)

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