Sunday, 18 December 2011

Foxes and etc.

I'm sitting in my living room. The Christmas tree is up, the entire house is decorated, and the dog has on her special red collar with white fur lining and jingling bells.
All of this suggests that we have arrived at my favourite time of the year!
*Breaks into song "It's the most wonderful tiiiime of the yeeeaaarrr!"*


It is snowing outside, though I don't think it'll settle or snow long enough to build up any significant layer. To be honest, I'd rather the snow held off until Christmas eve. I don't think I've ever seen snow at Christmas (snow in England is usually reserved for mid-January. Only the northern counties such as Yorkshire are likely to see snow earlier.), and it would be nice to be able to get in the final Christmas food-shop without any problems getting to and from town in the car, or being blocked in our house by the local bus that didn't slow down as it sped round the corner and slid gracefully into the ditch either side of our front gate. 
I do adore snow quite excessively though, so whenever it falls I run outside in my pj's in a great big happy mess, regardless of time of year, or whoever happens to be walking past on the road.

I enjoyed a really lovely Christmas BBQ yesterday with some wonderful friends - some I haven't seen for several years, and this has marked the official start to Christmas. YUY!
And, this morning I saw some reindeer at the local Christmas fayre! 

I also got a lovely little gold fox decoration for our Christmas tree from a very close friend. Here it is hanging next to another little fox decoration. There's a partridge in the corner looking a little worried at the prospect of dangling next to two foxes for the duration of the holiday season.


That's enough personal nonsense. Back to art.

I broke out the oil paints again after about 4 years and painted some foxes for my parents as a slightly early Christmas present:

The painting is slightly too big to stuff into the scanner, so I had to photograph it, and of course, this is a really, really, reeeally rubbish representation of the actual picture.

My mum has already placed an order for a wild boar painting from me for her birthday in a couple of months time, so that will probably reveal itself eventually.

So, yes! That's about all I have to say. I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I started typing. It's a pretty incoherent mess of sentences, isn't it? And of no particular interest to anyone. Oh well.
I can smell cranberry juice mulling in the kitchen, and should probably get back to wrapping presents. 



  1. Really nice to see foxes in oils, must be a specially enjoyable,yet frustratingly consistent medium to work in. haha to the partridge!

  2. May the spirit of the Fox open doors unforeseen, in the year to be.
    And of course guide you through the maze of zombie apocalyptic pirates that is soon to befall us all

  3. @FoxandMagpie - Thanks very much! Yes, oils can be quite a challenge to work with sometimes. :P
    I also wish you a Happy New Year, with as few apocalyptic zombie pirates as possible gracing your doorstep.