Saturday, 3 December 2011

Character Concepts

Hey Hey!
Long time no post. Well, kind of. I mean it’s only been about two weeks I think. That’s not overly long, really. Life kind of got in the way of me sitting down and typing words into sentences, and it’s also kind of got in the way of me drawing things - apart from the odd commission type stuff - which is a rather hellish experience for me as usually I cannot be torn away from my workspace with my stupid drawings of derpish animals. I sit down to draw something and realise I can’t decide on what, and simply end up flitting from idea to idea with no discernible goal. 
Instead of drawing new things I flicked through my sketchbooks and paper files, perusing my gigantic and disorganised collection of doodles for anything passable to turn into something more refined and professional-looking. *scoff*
I picked out various doodles to collect together for show. And here they are. Firstly, the worst of the lot, a bunch of humans. 

I’m not overly confident drawing humans. I rarely did it as a child as I found animals infinitely more interesting. I can do it when I have the motivation, but I much prefer drawing animals.
And now back to good old animals again.

Dogulars - African Wild Dog, Red Fox and Thylacine. (If you don’t know what a Thylacine is, what the hell is wrong with you? You are missing out on a really awesome animal. Unfortunately it’s extinct, killed by farmers because they thought they stole livestock - but this rumour was enormously exaggerated and they were killed off for no good reason - a famous photograph of a thylacine with a chicken in its mouth that was paraded around the country at the time as ‘evidence’ of this was later discovered to be a stuffed specimen. Typical. 
It could open its jaws to almost 120 degrees, similar to a snake, had pouches like all marsupials, and could hop like a kangaroo.
It is massive shame that they no longer exist.)
I advise you to check out some very rare footage of the last Thylacine known to exist:


Catlings - Serval, Ocelot and Snow Leopard.
Not much to say here really. I like these animals.

And finally to finish off a couple of rubbish sketches of a weird character I came up with as part of a little story about a circus. You’ve seen him already in an earlier post on this blog; Eli Lewis, the Lion-Tamer. He is a tamer-who-is-a-lion, and he trains cats.

And yes! That’s about all I have to say right now!
 It’s getting colder here and the changing season is evidenced by the daily migrations of the rooks from their usual haunts in the forests to the trees of the nearby estate grounds (and back again).
I have a glass of mulled apple juice and a nice fire to sit beside. Lovely!


  1. Ahaha, I just love the last two sketches with Eli Lewis and the hungry cat XD It's so dynamic! Really funny and awesome ^_^ Oh, and your humans look really good, too. So Victorian English :)

    Mmm, a fireplace... Our family used to have one in our house, but now we moved houses and it's not there anymore. Sitting by the fire is a marvellous thing! We're planning on building one here, though. We really miss it :)

  2. @Anastassia: Thank you muchly! I'm glad you like them! :)
    Ooh fireplaces are lovely, aren't they? I hope you do manage to build one eventually. Every house needs a good old fireplace.