Monday, 14 November 2011

Shiny New Blog with a Bird on it!

Hello all,

My name is Sophie, and this is my blog. I had another blog on a different blogging site, but I decided it was time for a change, and so back in June or July I registered this blog... and then 4 months later here I am actually beginning the switchover to Blogger. Fascinating stuff I know.
Anyway, this blog is primarily an art blog. I am an illustrator and as such I am prone to drawing things. And those drawing things may well end up posted here for all to laugh at. I will sometimes break up the artworks with writing and other such things that take my fancy, so that'll be something you can look forward to laughing at, too!

I suppose I should explain the relevance of 'Paper Magpie' as a title for a blog. The reasons are threefold:

1. I am a total paper magpie. I love books. I love paper. I simply cannot throw away paper. No matter how crumpled or torn or covered in paint, pencil or muddy boot prints it is I always have this nagging feeling that it will one day be of vital, life-saving importance. And so I must hoard it.

2. The term 'Paper Magpie' vaguely refers to a little project of mine that is no where near completion (and it may be that it never will). Hopefully, though. Hopefully, it will be ready to show sometime in the near future. Exciting stuff, eh?

3. I love magpies. They are such beautiful birds - and so underrated, I think. They have the most beautiful iridescent feathers! And, they're exceptionally intelligent, one of only a handful of creatures on this planet that can recognise themselves in a mirror. They also hold 'funerals' for dead family members. I just luff them.

So, yes! Now you know me, somewhat.
I hope you enjoy what nonsense spills forth from these pages. I shall post shortly a few articles from my previous blog just to have something interesting to read before my next 'new new' post.


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