Monday, 14 November 2011



It annoys me when people only care about endangered species if they’re cute and fluffy. For example, no one cares about Aye-Ayes because they kind of look like they’ll pull your brain out through your nose with their freaky elongated digits.

Sharks are particularly prone to this unfair judgement. They don’t have fur, many have a constant look of sheer rage on their faces, and they have the unfair discrimination of having every toothy encounter with a person, however big or small, published on news outlets worldwide, giving us the impression that sharks will soon be wriggling up our drainpipes as we wash the dishes.

The other day I came across an article entitled ‘Killer Sharks Infest Golf Course”. Freshwater sharks had been swept into a golf course lake by floods, and were now living there and even breeding happily. Golfers liked their presence, taking scraps of meat to feed them, saying they’d become quite tame and were peaceful to watch. So, what exactly makes them ‘killer’ sharks if they haven’t killed anyone? Because that particular species had been known to attack people? Why then don’t we attach ‘killer’ to all other human-attacking species, such as tigers, or pandas, or elephants... Or dogs, horses, cows, pigs, whales, dolphins, bears, hippos, lizards, birds etc?
Even though the article turned out to be harmless, the title made me very angry as it was clearly just an attention-grabbing selection of words playing on the “Jaws” idea people continue to cling to. Arrrgh!)


Love sharks! They love you for breakfast!
And love all fugly animals! They can't help their fugliness.


  1. haha great point humorously written, but I can't help cheer at the thought of "killer" sharks swimming on a golf course taking copious chunks out of dullard golfers. Anyway enough of my shark related golfer consuming fantasies.

    Jaws, death and stress sells papers. Peace, calm, harmony no one wants to know.

    Aya Ayes may be secretly planning to rearrange your brain matter with their elongated digit, but I can't help think them cutest of all. haha how is this not cute in the crazy wonderful sort of way!

    All hail paper magpies rantings on our animal kin and lack of appreciation for the "noncute" variety.

  2. Agreed! Sharks need lovin' too. I would totally take up golf if there were sharks in courses round here. :)

    I personally think the creepy looking animals (to the general public's eye) are some of my favorites. Take Hyaenas for example. I think they're adorable. :)

  3. @Foxandmagpie - Thanks very much! You're so right about the chaos vs calm thing. It's a terrible truth.
    I find aye-ayes quite cute, too - particularly when they're babies! "Cute in an ugly way" is how I like to describe them. :)

    @rain coyote - I think I could definitely be persuaded to give golf a go if there were sharks in the lakes! :D
    Agreed. I love hyenas! They're such misunderstood animals - and not as prone to scavenging as people think.