Monday, 14 November 2011


Since this is meant to be an art blog, I suppose it would be right and proper for me to post some artwork.

A little comic I created in memory of the wonderful framed set of Victorian photographs showing the process of a magician's magic trick - a fully fledged rose bush growing out of an empty vase. It was at an auction house I attended with my dad. While he pored lovingly over old paintings of badly-proportioned horses, I can across the Victorian magic photographs and fell to my knees and cried over how I could never ever have them as they had been priced a few hundred pounds out of my range. SO I MADE MY OWN.

Eli Lewis and his Cacophony of Cat O' Wauls. Characters from a little set of stories of mine about an odd little circus, called Papavero Circus. Words cannot describe how stupid these stories are. Genuinely. I can't imagine any parent ever letting their children read these stories unless they cared little for their mental well-being.
In fact, that might make an interesting new direction of advertising:

"Is your child too clever? Do you observe your child doing their advanced algebra homework and feel inferior? Is that special school for gifted children that your gifted child so desperately wants to go to too expensive? Then, fear no more. The book I'm about to reveal to you is guaranteed to scrub your child's superior brain of all thoughts on String Theory or nuclear fission like a road-maintenance man scrubbing badger intestines off of the pavement!"

More will eventually follow on this particular thread.

A simple creepy street scene. Went for a slightly wonky angle, and added a demon thingy - these little critters pop up a lot on my work. You'll get used to it.

Well, I think that's enough to be getting on with. Just a little taster of the kind of things I do. 
This blog will be updated whenever I feel I have a piece of artwork I feel compelled to share.

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